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A New Immediate Care Center Has Opened Its Doors in The Bronx – MedcarePlus, PLLC

MedCarePlus is a walk-in immediate care center in The Bronx. It is an ideal solution for all patients with minor illnesses or injuries; a cost-efficient alternative to the long wait in the ER for minor medical conditions. Digital x-ray, digital Rx.

NEW YORK, NY, February 13, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — MedCarePlus, PLLC , a new Immediate Care and Walk-In Center has opened in The Bronx. It is located in the Soundview area at 1643 Westchester Avenue, just at the Soundview-Morrison Avenue station of the number 6 train. It is also accessible by the Bx4 and the Bx27 bus lines; get directions at the clinic’s website at

The demand for primary care physician practices has grown significantly the past few years and getting an immediate appointment can take time. It has been suggested that between 14 percent and 27 percent of emergency department visits in 2009 could have been handled at an immediate care center. Immediate care centers provide significant savings for patients over the care received in a typical hospital emergency room. While the immediate care center is not a substitute for the emergency department or the hospital, it will save the patient time and money for minor illnesses and injuries.

MedCarePlus, PLLC Immediate Care & Walk-In provides the opportunity for patients to be seen immediately without appointment. The center supports the community physicians and provides patients with alternatives to the emergency room visits for minor, non life-threatening illnesses or injuries. MedCarePlus-immediate Care & Walk-In is open Monday through Saturday and provides excellent services to all patients in a timely manner; it adds convenience to quality care. Patients will save hundreds of dollars by choosing MedCarePlus over the emergency room for their minor illness and injuries.

Patients do not have to wait for hours at the emergency room for conditions that can be taken care of at the immediate care. The immediate care center treats minor medical conditions such as upper respiratory infections, sore throat, the flu, ear infections, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, allergic reactions, cuts/lacerations, minor burns and other minor injuries. MedCarePlus-Immediate Care & Walk-In provides quality, culturally sensitive care to our community residents.

The center has clean, relax atmosphere; equipped with electronic medical records, digital x-ray, with the capability to burn x-ray films onto a CD. Prescriptions are sent electronically to the patient’s pharmacy of choice, saving precious time. For those labs done on-site, results are available within minutes during the visit, while the patient waits; other labs are done at reference labs facilities then results are sent back electronically to the immediate care center, saving time.

Immediate care centers however are not for life-threatening illness or injuries. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.

About MedCarePlus-Immediate Care & Walk-In Clinic

MedCarePlus-Immediate Care & Walk-In Clinic is a walk-in immediate care center in the Bronx. It is an ideal solution for all patients with minor illnesses or injuries; it is a cost-efficient alternative to the long wait in the emergency department for minor medical conditions, and saves the patients time and money. The center is equipped with digital x-ray, has electronic medical records and can send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. It provides physicals, vaccination, occupational and travel medicine services. MedCarePlus-Immediate Care & Walk-In Clinic provides excellent medical services in a timely manner, adding convenience to quality care.

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